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SailRacer Results Management System

A the heart of the SailRacer system is a massive industrial strength SQL database that manages around a million results.  Results can be uploaded from a variety of sources and formats.


Results Management Results can be easily uploaded from a variety of sources and formats and automatically published to a variety of web sites. Click here for demo of how easy it is to upload results from Sailwave to SailRacer. 


Events and Results - Not only can you view the results for individual events but also search a massive database of over 12,000 events and over 37,000 sailors. You can access individual sailor or boat performances and even compare sailors against each other in the Head2Head section.

SailRacer is compatible with results software systems and offers easy upload; such as SailWave, Sail100 and HAL. The SailRacer results system is also sufficiently flexible to handle results in a variety of other general formats, including Word, Excel, HTML and XML. SailRacer is also committed to working with providers of other results scoring software to ensure easy integration


For clubs, classes and event organizers, it is easy to upload results and promote your events. You can even embed the power of SailRacer into your own website and offer the same powerful search facilities for your results. You can even add your event reports and photos to show your event and class at its best.


Progressive results analysis add interest and allow event followers to see how the series was won and lost.
See the SailRacer progressive results system in action at the Open Europeans, Helsinki (Olympic Classes)
SailRacers offers “results alerts”, so you can get the latest results straight to your inbox. Event blogs can be provided so the sailing fans and supporters can read the latest news as it happens, both online and via big screens at the actual event venue.


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