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SailRacer Online Protest System (SOPS)

The SailRacer Online Protest System (SOPS) has been developed in conjunction with the RYA and beta version successfully trialled at the 2010 RYA Volvo Youth Championships, Weymouth. SOPS brings many benefits to competitors, event organisers, coaches, supporters and followers etc.

SOPS helps with administration and communication activities associated with protests at sailing events :

  • Recording and communicating protest times
  • Recording and communicating protest details and their outcomes
  • Direct look up from competitor list
  • Direct look up from RRS
  • Records and communicates R42
  • Outputs to event website, RSS feeds, email and SMS alerts, paper hard copy
  • Analysis of sailors and rule adherence 
  • Changes to Sailing Instrcutions (SIs) and other official notices
  • Links to scoring updates
  • Different levels of admin access

Events using SOPS

2011 420 World Championships, Buenos Aires Jan 2011 Event Site
   2010 470 Junior World Championships, Doha,  Qatar  Dec 2010  Event Site
   2010 Laser Worlds,  UK  2010  Event Site
2010 Topper National Championships, Pwllheli Aug 2010 Event Site
  2010 Skandia Sail for Gold Aug 2010 Event Site
2010 Volvo RYA Youth Nationals,  Weymouth Apr 2010 Event Site

Movie demonstrating key features of SOPS
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