Questions and Answers

There follows the answers to questions the Organizing Committee has been asked. If you have any additional questions please email and we will respond to your questions:

Question 1 
Is transport from the hotel , accommodation and food organized in case of early arrival in Doha and at which cost per day?
  Yes. The Organizing Committee has arranged special rates from the Official Hotel “Holidays Villa”  for early arrivals. The charges will be QR 500/- double occupancy per day with all 3 meals. QR 450 for single occupancy per day with all 3 meals.( Please note 1 US $= 3.65 QR)

The Organizing Committee will provide free transport to early arrivals. Please email with your requirements.

Question 2 
Is it possible to train before the event by using the charter boats, and in which conditions (from when, cost,………)?
  The Championship boats will not be available for charter. The Doha Sailing Club has 12 almost brand new Ziegelmayer & Mackay boats which can be made available on a first come first served basis at € 500/- for the whole week. In addition there are thirteen Nautivela boats in reasonably good condition which can also be provided.
Question 3 
Are there individual coach boats to be rented and/or big boats for several coaches, and how much will they cost ?
  Boats of any size can be rented at EUR150 / QR 750 - per day. This is the rate the Organizing Committee can offer to early arrivals.

These are all glass fibre speed boats (not typical Ribs) which can easily accommodate 4-5 & even more personnel in one boat. It all depends on the coaches if they like to combine.

To book a coach boat email with the dates you would like to charter the boat and your preferred method of payment. Payment may be made in advance in Euros to the bank details below or in Qatar Riyals in cash at the event.

Question 4 
How will the transfer of responsibility of the boat from one crew to another crew be organized (checking, repairs,………)?
  There will be a protocol for handover and equipment checking which will be notified on registration.
Question 5 
What can be changed on the boats?
  No equipment can be changed. Sailors will be required to use the equipment provided. However, some adjustments of equipment will be permitted.
Question 6
How do I make payment for sailors/coaches entry?

Payment can ONLY be made by bank transfer, to the following account:

Qatar Sailing and Rowing Federation

By bank transfer to QSRF account
Header: Qatar Sailing and Rowing Federation
Account number: 0787-013883-001
Bank address: Qatar National Bank - Al Islami, Hamad Alkabeer Branch

Question 7 What are the preferential rates offered by Qatar Airways?
  For all entries (sailors, coaches, support staff), Qatar Airways are kindly providing preferential flight rates which are approximately 15% discount on market fare and 25% on IATA fares. Once entered for the Championships you will receive the online access address to take advantage of these rates.
Question 8 Will there be a Training Clinic?
  The 470 Class will be running a Training Clinic prior to the 470 Junior Worlds, on 10-14 December 2010. The details of the clinic are just being finalized and more details will be sent to you soon. Participation will be on an application process, with the 470 Internationale responsible to approve participants.



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