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Results for Gary Parks

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
B14 May,2019 Gary Parks 8 20 B14 Nationals View
B14 April,2018 Gary Parks 11 12 B14 Open View
Handicap February,2018 Gary Parks 80 79 Starcross Steamer View
B14 August,2017 Gary Parks 15 22 B14 Nationals View
Handicap February,2017 Gary Parks 83 82 Starcross Steamer View
RS200 August,2009 Gary Parks 117 129 National Championships View
RS200 June,2009 Gary Parks 22 24 National Circuit View
RS200 May,2009 Gary Parks 22 26 Round 2 of the RS200 South West Ugly Tour View
RS200 March,2009 Gary Parks 23 39 Ugly SW Tour View

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