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Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
LASER October,2020 Joseph Drake 36 63 Laser Senior Euors - Silver View
LASER August,2020 Joseph DRAKE 4 51 ILCA 7 Nationals @IntLaserClass View
LASER March,2020 Joseph DRAKE 1 18 Laser Qualifier @IntLaserClass View
LASER July,2019 Joseph DRAKE 2 37 Laser Nationals View
LASER May,2019 Joseph DRAKE 81 105 Laser Euros @eurilca @IntLaserClass View
LASER March,2019 Joseph DRAKE 10 33 Laser Q @LaserPerform View
LASER September,2018 Joseph DRAKE 11 22 Laser Q View
LASER July,2018 Joseph DRAKE 5 34 Laser Nationals View
LASER April,2018 Joseph DRAKE 9 15 Laser Q @IntLaserClass View
LASER April,2018 Joseph Drake 6 13 RYA Youth Nats Laser View
LASER March,2018 Joseph DRAKE 8 33 Laser Q @IntLaserClass View
LASER November,2017 Joseph DRAKE 7 43 Laser Inlands View
LASER September,2017 Joseph DRAKE 14 26 Q @IntLaserClass View
Handicap September,2017 Joseph DRAKE 1 30 Battle of Classes @SotonBoatShow View
LASER August,2017 Joseph DRAKE 3 20 Laser Nationals @IntLaserClass View

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