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Results for Kevan Gibb

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
SOLO August,2019 Kevan Gibb 19 70 Solo Nationals View
SOLO July,2018 Kevan Gibb 32 104 Solo Nationals View
SOLO February,2018 Kevan Gibb 14 57 Winters @solosailing View
SOLO October,2017 Kevan Gibb 17 60 EOS @solosailing View
2000 August,2017 Kevan Gibb 10 23 Nationals @2000class View
SOLO May,2017 Kevan Gibb 12 65 Nations Cup @solosailing View
SOLO June,2016 Kevan Gibb 14 47 Solo Open View
SOLO September,2015 Kevan Gibb 37 99 Solo Inlands View
OK August,2015 Kevan Gibb 19 35 OK Nationals View
SOLO August,2015 Kevan Gibb 14 70 Solo Nationals View
Solo June,2015 Kevan GIBB 8 15 Solo Open Meeting View
SOLO April,2015 Kevan Gibb 20 62 Solo Spring Championship View
SOLO February,2015 Kevan Gibb 4 56 Solo Winter Championship View
SOLO October,2014 Kevan Gibb 10 65 Solo End of Seasons View
SOLO July,2014 Kevan Gibb 69 71 Solo Nationals View

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