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Results for TED LANE

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
29ER September,2020 TED LANE 19 40 29er GP1 - Gold View
29ER January,2020 TED LANE 39 58 29er Winters @29erUK View
29ER November,2019 TED LANE 29 53 29er End of Seasons View
29ER February,2019 TED LANE 33 45 Winters @29erUK View
RS FEVA August,2018 Ted Lane 49 58 Euros @RSFevaUK Gold View
RS FEVA May,2018 Ted Lane 1 54 Nationals @RSFevaUK Silver View
RS FEVA November,2017 Ted Lane 34 36 Winters @RSFevaUK View
RS FEVA September,2017 Ted Lane 22 40 GP @RSFevaUK View
RS FEVA September,2017 Ted Lane 31 39 GP @RSFevaUK View
RS FEVA July,2017 Ted Lane 17 28 GP @RSFevaUK View
RS FEVA June,2017 Ted Lane 32 46 Inlands @RSFevaUK View
RS FEVA May,2017 Ted Lane 20 28 RYA ET @RSFevaUK View
RS FEVA April,2017 Ted Lane 7 10 Open @RSFevaUK View
RS FEVA March,2017 Ted Lane 53 63 Springs @RSFevaUK View
RS FEVA November,2016 Ted Lane 34 36 Feva Winters @RSFevaUK View

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