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Event name: Racing Circuit
Date: 04 July 2009
Type: Open
Club: Lymington Town Sailing Club Ltd
Classtype:RS800 , see more results
RS800s race to the sun - courtesy of Murciatastic

A competitive fleet of 28 came to Lymington Town’s 5 fleet RS UK circuit event. Consistency over varying conditions was key with a variety of wind strength, direction and tide providing ever changing race conditions and strategic challenges. Sunday proved to be perhaps the best RS800 racing of the season so far with the wind increasing from 14 to 18 knots over an ebb tide with glorious sunshine.


New pairing, Andy Jeffries and Adam Broughton in ‘Kiss My RS’ came out strong with three 1sts demonstrating their ability to win in both light and heavy airs. “We worked hard on our set up, then tried to keep it clean and simple, escaping the start line and to the right side for the tide”, said Adam.


Peter Barton and Roz Allen in ‘Murciatastic’ made a Sunday comeback nailing the bullets in the 1st two races and pulling through from 5th to 2nd in the last race to win by a slender point in a nail biting finish. “Lay lines in tide are very hard to judge but absolutely critical. Before racing we identified accurate lay line transits both upwind and downwind. After ducking transoms we pulled out a 100m lead on the pack who had over stood in the tide. We then had to remember to vary these transits downwind due to the increasing breeze, which caught us out initially!”


Stokes Bay winners, Chris Webber and Jim Baldwin proved they are a force to be reckoned with in the breeze as well as the light showing great pace in both to put a consistent series together to take 3rd from Spod Olive and Guy Fillmore in ‘Harken’ who also staged a comeback in Sunday’s breeze.


Mick Whitmore and Sarah Smith won the Silver Fleet in 7th, including a win in shifty race 2, demonstrating both excellent strategies and their ability count!


As ever Lymington Town SC covered all the bases from excellent race management, streamlined launching and recovery and even importing a feisty 20 strong hen party to liven up their evening disco! After escaping the hen party, Ollie Page was later crowned RS800 Pool champion of 2009 in a tense sloe gin fuelled late night knockout tournament.


Many thanks to event sponsors Muciatastic who, in conjunction with Pro-Vela, provided 15 prizes of luxury Spanish accommodation and boat use together with a 20% discount on accommodation to all RS Association members. Further information at www.murciatastic.co.uk and www.pro-vela.com .


Next stop on the RS800 UK circuit is the ever popular Hayling Island on 18/19th July which will be the last chance to refine form before the Carnac Eurocup a week later. Bring it on!


Rank Fleet SailNo Helm Crew Club Nett
1 RS 800 1016 Peter Barton Roz Allen Royal Lymington 10.0
2 RS 800 1144 Andie Jeffries Adam Broughton Eastbourne Sovereign 11.0
3 RS 800 0 Chris Webber Jim Baldwin 19.0
4 RS 800 1146 S Olive Guy Fillmore Stokes Bay 22.0
5 RS 800 943 Laurie Fitzjohn-Sykes Daniel Allin 24.0
6 RS 800 1114 Tom Halhead Christian Humphrey Bristol Corinthian YC 27.0
7 RS 800 1132 Mick Whitmore Sarah Smith Eastbourne Sovereign 37.0
8 RS 800 1133 Justin Deal Ollie Page Lancing SC 38.0
9 RS 800 1121 Ben Scooling George Kingsnorth Helensburgh SC 39.0
10 RS 800 1047 S Grundy G Whitby 42.0
11 RS 800 1154 Justin Visser Ryan Visser Royal Lymington 48.0
12 RS 800 955 Andrew Smith Micky Bougton Stokes Bay 54.0
13 RS 800 1136 Dave Pike Fiona Lockwood Eastbourne Sovereign 66.0
14 RS 800 878 Tim Saxton Nicola Groves GWSC/IBRSC /SYC 66.0
15 RS 800 1127 Derek Buchanan Elaine Buchanan Oxford SC 67.0
16 RS 800 2012 Joel Walker Sarah Crossman Grafham Water SC 71.0
17 RS 800 890 Rich Keeton Fiona Ramus Royal Lymington 84.0
18 RS 800 983 Ant Harvey Mike Stone Mumbles YC 86.0
19 RS 800 1124 Dan Azzopardi Dan Kilsby Stokes Bay 87.0
20 RS 800 1001 Alex Koukourakis Allyson Ody Eastbourne Sovereign 92.0
21 RS 800 107 James French Jess Olden Gurnard SC 93.0
22 RS 800 1113 Alastair Shires Richard Nieveen 101.0
23 RS 800 1010 Chris Bailey Matt Bailey Draycote Water SC 108.0
24 RS 800 858 Miles Roebuck Graham Heath Oxford SC 108.0
25 RS 800 1012 Joe Joyner Hanah Jones Chew Valley SC 111.0
26 RS 800 1079 T Galyer Jack Spencer Emsworth Slipper SC 115.0
27 RS 800 991 Malcolm Streeton Shauna Edgerton HISC 124.0
28 RS 800 873 Mark Duckworth Emma Clarke Hamble River SC 131.0
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