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Results for David Lawson

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
GP14 May,2017 David Lawson 2 31 Inlands @GP14sailing View
Handicap July,2016 David LAWSON 181 231 Lord Birkett View
STREAKER May,2016 David Lawson 9 32 Streaker Inlands View
GP14 October,2015 David Lawson 4 27 GP14 End of Seasons View
GP14 August,2014 David Lawson 14 95 GP14 Worlds View
GP14 August,2014 David Lawson 14 95 GP14 World Championship View
Handicap July,2014 David LAWSON 132 210 Garmin Summer Series 4 - Lord Birkett Trophy View
GP14 July,2012 David Lawson 4 10 GP14 Northern and Border Bell Open View
LASER May,2012 David Lawson 26 29 Laser South Coast Grand Prix View
GP14 October,2008 David LAWSON 27 31 Inlands View
GP14 June,2007 David Lawson 2 20 Scottish View
Enterprise April,2007 David Lawson 35 46 Inlands View

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