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Results for James Nuttall

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
MUSTO SKIFF September,2020 James Nuttall 49 53 Nationals @mustoskiff View
MUSTO SKIFF April,2019 James Nuttall 22 34 Open @mustoskiff View
MUSTO SKIFF April,2018 James Nuttall 35 48 Open @mustoskiff View
Handicap December,2017 James NUTTALL 67 81 Datchet Flyer @GJWDirectUK View
MUSTO SKIFF November,2017 James Nuttall 27 32 Inlands @mustoskiff View
MUSTO SKIFF August,2017 James Nuttall 36 51 Nationals @mustoskiff View
MUSTO SKIFF April,2017 James Nuttall 30 35 Open @mustoskiff View
MUSTO SKIFF March,2017 James Nuttall 21 24 Open @mustoskiff View
Handicap February,2011 James Nuttall 29 118 RUTLAND CHALLENGE FOR THE JOHN MERRICKS TIGER TROPHY View
Single Hander January,2011 James Nuttall 49 77 Steve Nicholson Trophy Single Hander View
Handicap January,2011 James Nuttall 195 238 Bloody Mary Pursuit Race View
Medium Fleet January,2011 James Nuttall 12 26 30th Grafham Grand Prix 2010 View
RS600 March,2010 James Nuttall 6 9 GUL Grand Prix View
RS600 July,2009 James Nuttall 8 13 Racing Circuit View
RS600 May,2009 James Nuttall 11 15 Racing Circuit View

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