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Results for Alan Bishop

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
LASER April,2012 Alan Bishop 6 17 Laser Open View
LASER July,2012 Alan Bishop 27 31 Laser GP Open Meeting View
SOLO May,2014 Alan Bishop 20 20 Solo Open View
SOLO May,2014 Alan Bishop 12 44 Solo Southerns View
SOLO July,2014 Alan Bishop 2 23 Solo Open Meeting View
SUPERNOVA September,2014 Alan Bishop 10 49 Supernova Inland Championship View
SOLO October,2014 Alan Bishop 5 24 Solo Eastern Travellers' Series View
SOLO October,2014 Alan Bishop 53 65 Solo End of Seasons View
SOLO May,2015 Alan Bishop 7 45 Solo Southerns View
SUPERNOVA September,2015 Alan Bishop 15 57 Supernova Inlands View
SUPERNOVA February,2016 Alan Bishop 8 39 Supernova Winters View
SUPERNOVA July,2016 Alan Bishop 52 120 @SupernovaDinghy Nationals View
SOLO April,2017 Alan Bishop 3 18 Open @solosailing View
SOLO July,2017 Alan Bishop 30 90 Nationals @solosailing View
SOLO October,2017 Alan Bishop 33 60 EOS @solosailing View

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