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Results for Jamie CALDER

Class Type Date SailorName Rank FleetSize EventName
OPTIMIST May,2009 Jamie CALDER 90 235 Inlands - Main Fleet View
OPTIMIST May,2009 Jamie CALDER 73 86 Volvo Musto Optimist Selection Trials View
LASER June,2016 Jamie CALDER 58 118 Kieler Woche Laser View
OPTIMIST June,2009 Jamie CALDER 51 122 Harken Optimist Open View
OPTIMIST March,2011 Jamie CALDER 42 213 Spring Championships View
LASER October,2016 Jamie CALDER 42 45 Laser Open @IntLaserClass View
LASER RADIAL July,2016 Jamie Calder 40 243 Radial Youth Worlds Boys @LaserWorlds2016 View
LASER RADIAL October,2015 Jamie CALDER 27 77 Radial Inlands View
OPTIMIST August,2009 Jamie CALDER 23 73 Optimist Nationals - Junior Fleet Gold View
LASER RADIAL April,2013 Jamie CALDER 23 110 RYA Youth Nationals 2013 - Radial Qualifiers View
OPTIMIST May,2012 Jamie CALDER 21 224 Volvo Gill Optimist Inland Championship View
OPTIMIST May,2011 Jamie CALDER 21 219 Volvo Gill Optimist Inland Championships View
LASER RADIAL December,2014 Jamie Calder 17 17 39th Gaes Christmas Race - Laser Radial Men View
OPTIMIST August,2012 Jamie CALDER 15 70 Volvo Gill Optimist British National and Open Championship 2012 - Senior Gold Fleet View
Optimist May,2008 Jamie CALDER 12 79 VOLVO MUSTO Optimist Inland Championships - Regatta Fleet View

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