2012 North Event 3, North Lincolnshire and Humberside Sailing Club, 22 Jul 2012 - 22 Jul 2012

Welcome to event 3 in the North
and great to hear you're interested in participating in your Team15 inter-club zone series

You're in the right place to find out all the necessary information: as well as reading important documents before the event such as the 'sailing instructions', you can also enter online and find out who has already successfully registered for this event - both in your own team and in other teams in your zone.


All photos (except ‘Gallery’ images) © Paul Wyeth/ RYA

Notice of Race

For those new to Team15 inter-club, the Notice of Race (or NoR as you will often see it abbreviated) is an important document which you should read before you register for an event. It gives you the outline information for the event and let's you know whether you are eligible to enter, what classes you can enter, etc. Anything you don't understand in the NoR, ask your Team15 Coach to explain. See 'documents' for a download.  

Keeping the Team15 Spirit

Our aim is for everyone to enjoy themselves at a Team15 event. Whether this is your very first event or you are an inter-club regular, by keeping the Team15 spirit in mind, we know you will all have fun. The Team15 spirit is basically fair sportsmanship, which we expect everyone to uphold. There is a 'fair sporsmanship' document that we would like everyone to read before the event - competitors, coaches, team managers, parents - everyone! See 'documents' for a download. 

How Can I Get Involved?

You can represent your club at inter-club events by simply registering online to tell us in advance that you will be taking part in the event. Encourage others from your club to go too. If you can get 6 people from your club to enter each event, then even better, since this will give you a good chance of winning the team prize which will make it even more fun too. You can have up to 15 people represent your club – the more the merrier we say! There will be a mixture… [click 'more' above photo] 

How to Enter

To enter, click on the 'enter' button above. You will be asked to select your zone, your club and the event. Then simply fill out the form, including the medical details, and submit. You will be sent a confirmation email once you have registered online. You can amend your online entry and medical details at any time up until online entry closes. Online entry closes the Tuesday evening before the event. Once you have registered online successfully, your name will appear in the 'entries' tab above. …[click 'more' above photo] 

Sailing Instructions

For those new to Team15 inter-club, the Sailing Instructions (or SIs as you will often see it abbreviated) is an important document which you should read before the event, and take a copy with you. It complements the Notice of Race (NoR) and provides guidance about the day's event and the Team15 inter-club series, including how your team can qualify for the Team15 Champions Cup. Anything you don't understand in the SIs, ask your Team15 Coach to explain. See 'documents' for a download.  

On Arrival at the Event

On arrival at the event, please make your way to event registration to check that the details you entered online are all correct. You will also need to pay your entry fee at this time and hand in your signed parent/guardian declaration form (this was emailed to you when we confirmed your online registration). There are a few others things you need to bring with you; to find out what these are, click 'more' above the photo… 

Volunteers Needed

We are always in need of volunteers at the Team15 inter-club events - and if you can do the same role for all four events, then that is even better since you'll get to know what the role entails. Parents, older siblings and spare coaches from Team15 clubs can all apply! Please liaise with the T15 CO for your zone; see 'contacts' for details. 

Practice Makes Perfect

As well as participating in the Team15 inter-club events, we also recommend that you participate in a few key events this season: Open Training, Zone Championships, and Youth & Masters. [Click 'more' above the photo for further information]... 

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