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The 2012 470 Junior European Championships is held at the same time and same venue as the 420 Europeans.

Fraglia Vela is situated in Riva Del Garda, located in Riva, which is in the north-west corner of Lake Garda in Northern Italy. The town of Riva is particularly attractive and has a wide range of shops, bars and interesting restaurants. For non-sailing friends there’s a lot to do on holiday including mountain biking, windsurfing hill climbing, canyoning, beach activities (pebbly), canoeing etc. The majority of which are all available within a short walk of the town centre. One of the features of this end of the lake (in Trentino) is that no motorboats are allowed (other than ferries or rescue boats) which helps to keep the noise levels down - so if you have friends or relatives interested in “sharing” your holiday – bring them along.

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